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At ViVo Dental, we pride ourselves in the personal, high-quality dental care we provide to our patients.

Dr. Matthew Czernick, DMD, B.Sc - Dentist

Dr. Matthew CzernickDMD, B.Sc

Dr. Matthew Czernick was born and raised in Edmonton Alberta. After completing his undergraduate degree and three years of cancer research at the University of Alberta, he moved to Boston University where he received his dental degree with the highest academic honors. He loves to travel in his spare time.  Dr. Czernick is well trained in minimally invasive and ceramic dentistry making him an excellent addition to our team. He is skillful, compassionate and believes in patient care and satisfaction. Dr Czernick is always welcoming new patients!

Dr. Greg Villeneuve, BMS, DDS

Dr. Greg VilleneuveBMS, DDS

Dr. Greg Villeneuve was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta. He attended the University of Alberta where he completed his degrees in Medical Sciences and Doctor of Dental Surgery in 2008. Greg practiced dentistry in Ottawa for 5 years, but missed his home province of Alberta and moved back to Calgary about a year and a half ago. As a sports enthusiast, he enjoys playing hockey, baseball, golf, and skiing among many other sports and has recently developed a strong interest in photography. In August 2014, he and his wife welcomed a baby girl to their family.

Dr.Neil Vora, BMS, DDS

 Dr.Neil Vora BMS, DDS

Dr. Neil Vora was born and brought up in Calgary. He completed his degrees in Medical Sciences and Doctor of Dental Surgery at the University of Calgary and University of Alberta finishing in 2008. He enjoys volunteer dental work and started by co-establishing a student run clinic in the inner city Edmonton called SHINE (Student Health Initiative for the Needs of Edmonton). Neil also loves to travel to less fortunate regions of the world, where he can practice pro bono dental care.

Joey Emerson - Office Manager

 Joey Emerson

Dental Hygienist Alyse Swanson, RDH

 Dental Hygienist Alyse SwansonRDH

Dental Hygienist Jillian Bigness, RDH

 Dental Hygienist Jillian BignessRDH

Susana Jang, RDH - Dental Hygienist

 Susana JangRDH

Dental Hygienist Kari Hancock, RDH

 Dental Hygienist Kari HancockRDH

Registered Dental Assistant Mysoon Borhot, RDA

 Registered Dental Assistant Mysoon BorhotRDA

Heidi Strome - Reception Specialist

 Heidi Strome

Kristina Jones - Reception Specialist

 Kristina Jones