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Protective Dental Crowns


Crowns are done by your dentist for many different reasons and are an extremely successful method of protecting your tooth from painful fracture or even catastrophic breakage requiring extraction.

You may hear your dentist recommend a crown for your tooth if it has a very large filling. Once the filling takes up more than 50% of your tooth it has a much greater chance of fracture as the pressure bearing surfaces of the tooth is more filling material than it is natural tooth. A crown is placed over top of the tooth and the large filling and will prevent your tooth from breaking.

Another common reason a crown is placed is if you present to your dentist with a broken or severely decayed tooth already. Your dentist can often remove the cavity and build the tooth back up with a filling and then place a crown on top of the tooth to prevent it from breaking in the future.

Solutions for Fractured Teeth

Sometimes you may also present to your dentist with symptoms of a "cracked tooth." Most commonly you will have sensitivity to cold on the tooth and it will hurt when you bite on it. If the crack gets worse the tooth may split in half and need to be extracted so a crown is often placed on top of the tooth to prevent the crack from spreading.

Dental Implant Crowns

There are other less common reasons that you may also hear your dentist at ViVo Dental Westbrook recommend a crown. These include placing a crown on your dental implant so you have a tooth to chew with (this is a bit different than placing a crown on a natural tooth, and see our explanation under implant services for more information) or crowning a tooth with a natural malformation. Lastly, sometimes patients will ask us to change the shape or color of their teeth for cosmetic reasons and placing crowns on teeth can also accomplish this as well.

Quality Restorative Materials

There are many different materials that can be used for your crown. All three dentists at ViVo Dental Westbrook have a lot of experience in dealing with all of the different types of materials. Your dentist will have a discussion with you on which material they would recommend as there are many different variables including esthetics, strength, cost etc. The general purpose behind a crown is the same no matter what material is used. The primary reason for a crown is to “cap” or cover the biting surface of the tooth to prevent it from breaking.

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If you have any other questions regarding crowns feel free to call our office or ask your dentist or hygienist at your next checkup or cleaning.

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