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Root Canal Therapy

At ViVo Dental Westbrook all three of our dentists perform root canals. These include root canals on your front teeth or your molar teeth at the back of your mouth. As dentists, root canals are a very special procedure for us as by performing a root canal on your tooth we will be able to save your tooth when the only other alternative is to remove it.

Diagnosing the Necessity for a Root Canal 

Ideally, we are seeing you for regular check ups and cleanings so that we can identify a problem in your tooth before a root canal is needed. However, if it is too late and a root canal is needed they are generally done for two main reasons.


The first reason, and the most common reason, is that someone comes to us with a toothache or is in pain. There are many reasons why the tooth could be hurting but the main reason being that the tooth has a cavity that is so big it has gone into the nerve of the tooth and is causing the pain. This usually starts with hot or cold sensitivity and if left untreated, will turn into a constant ache or throb in the tooth. By performing a root canal, we are able to take the pain away and bring the tooth back to a normal state.


The second most common reason is that the tooth is infected. The main ways to detect this is there is a discoloration of the tooth, there is swelling in the area or there is a bump or “pimple” on the gums. Giving antibiotics will only settle the infection because the problem is coming from the tooth so by performing a root canal on the tooth the infection can be cured and the tooth can be saved without having to extract it.

Will Root Canal Therapy Hurt?

Root canals often get a bad reputation in the general population as being a scary or painful procedure. This is most often not true as with different medications your dentist is usually able to “settle” the tooth down so that the anesthetic will fully numb the tooth and the procedure is pain free.


An important note is that after a root canal is done the tooth will naturally be weaker and more prone to breaking so you will always hear your dentist at ViVo Dental Westbrook recommend a crown for your tooth to prevent it from breaking. You may have also heard in the general population that “root canals don’t work for me!” This is commonly when someone has had a root canal done but failed to get a crown afterwards so the tooth has broken and then cannot be fixed and needs to be extracted.

Are You Experiencing Tooth Pain?

If you think you may need a root canal or have any questions regarding the procedure feel free to call the office and we would be happy to answer your questions or book an appointment for you to check out your tooth.