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Veneers - For Dramatic Cosmetic Dentistry Results


All three dentists at ViVo Dental Westbrook have extensive training and experience in veneers and cosmetics. With the advances in dental technology, dental veneers are now stronger and more esthetic than ever. There are several different materials that your dentist may choose from for your dental veneers and we would be happy to explain the pros/cons of each one.


In general no matter what material is selected for your veneer, the procedure is the same however your dentist may recommend veneers for you for many different reasons.

Veneers - A Solution for Aesthetic Concerns

The most common reason veneers are done in the office is for a patient that comes to our office wanting to change their smile, the shape of their teeth or the color of their teeth. Veneers are an excellent and very conservative way to change the shape of your teeth if they are misaligned, rotated, uneven or irregularly shaped.  


Another common reason veneers are done is to change the color of your teeth. If they are stained from coffee, tea or smoking, whitening can often be done to correct the staining but if they are stained due to a malformation or a medication that was taken when your teeth were forming (tetracycline) then veneers can be done to cover the discoloration and make your teeth look white and natural.

A Solution for Poor Alignment

Patient will often ask us to correct gaps or spaces between their teeth. This can be done with bonding or braces but veneers are another common and excellent method to close spaces between your teeth and it can often be done a lot quicker than with braces.


Another reason veneers are done is to actually strengthen or protect your teeth as well. If your teeth have any large or old fillings in them veneers can be done to improve the esthetics but also strengthen the teeth from breaking. Dental veneers can be a more conservative option in this situation rather than doing a crown.


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As you can see there are many indications for veneers and these may be some of the reasons your dentist may recommend them for you. If it seems like you would be a good candidate for veneers or you just had some more questions about them feel free to call our office and we would be happy to answer your questions or set up a consultation.

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