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Whitening / Bleaching

Whitening or bleaching teeth is a common request or question we get at ViVo Dental Westbrook. There are many methods to whiten your teeth some working better than others.

Over-the-Counter Whitening Options

Some of the more common options you will see at the pharmacy or drug stores are whitening toothpastes and whitening strips. Whitening toothpaste is generally not effective as the whitening agent in the toothpaste is very weak so you generally will not notice significant results or it will take a long time to see any difference. Generally we would recommend a non-whitening toothpaste and to use another method to whiten your teeth.


Whitening strips are a reasonable alternative you can get at your local pharmacy. They are generally strips you place over your teeth to whiten and its reasonably effective as the whitening agent is stronger than in toothpaste. The drawback with the strips is you have to place them over your teeth yourself so you have to be careful not to place them on your gums as well as trying to place them evenly over your teeth so all the teeth whiten evenly.

Custom Teeth Whitening Systems

To avoid the above mentioned issues we would generally recommend a custom bleaching kit from the office. We take precise molds or impressions of your teeth and then make custom trays to fit perfectly over the teeth. The kit then comes with whitening syringes that you can fill into your custom tray and then place the tray in your mouth.


Generally, most people will wear the trays about 3 hours a day for one to two weeks to see a big difference in the color of their teeth. The most dramatic results are generally seen with people that drink coffee, tea, red wine or smoke as the whitening agent is most effective on those types of stains. The advantage with the kit is that the whitening agent is stronger than you can get in the store and the custom trays are made very precise so the whitening is even on all your teeth.

Is Professional Teeth Whitening Safe?

Whitening is very safe and not harmful for your teeth if done in moderation. Generally whitening your teeth with a custom kit from your the dental office once or twice a year is very safe. The other nice thing about the custom trays is that you can keep them at home and use them in the future without having to take new impressions or pay for another kit.

Would You Like Whiter Teeth?

If you have any questions about whitening or would like to have a custom whitening kit made for you, feel free to call ViVo Dental Westbrook to set up an appointment.

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