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Why do I have a headache every morning?

When patients suffer from a clenching and grinding habit, one of the symptoms they complain about is having headaches upon waking. Your jaws posses incredible strength and can exert an enormous amount of pressure, even subconsciously, while you sleep. Since your jaw muscles, facial muscles, and head muscles all interconnect with one another, a teeth grinding habit can manifest as sore head muscles, headaches, or even migraines.

Over time, those muscles can grow in strength and volume. Have you ever seen someone with a boxy jaw or large, square jowls? It’s a good possibility they have a teeth grinding habit. Since you are giving those muscles quite a work out, they can feel fatigued, tender, and even painful.

At Vivo Dental, we treat the clenching and grinding habit by fabricating a custom splint, or nightguard, for you to wear at night. Not only does the nightguard provide a barrier, protecting your teeth from grinding against one another and causing wear, but they can also help your jaw to relax and provide some much needed rest for those muscles.

Since our nightguards are customized for each patient, they are snug, comfortable, and easy to get used to.

Don’t live in pain! Contact our Calgary dental office today to schedule. We look forward to helping relieve your symptoms and to protecting your smile.

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