We wanted to take the opportunity to introduce our wonderful staff and share some little known facts about Dr. Neil Vora, one of our beloved clinic owners.



1. What inspired you to pursue dentistry?

I had a GREAT dentist growing up. I was lucky enough to work for him. It’s one thing to “Feel” he was a “good dentist” but it’s another entirely to see behind the scenes and realize how quality his work was and how technically good he was. 


2. What is your favourite thing about your job?

The people. I am so lucky to be surrounded by a team that always brightens my day, even when one “wakes up on the wrong side of the bed” they always brighten my day. Not everyone gets to work with people they ENJOY being around and getting to know.


3. What is a hobby you’re passionate about right now?

Repairing cars. I’ve dabbled in various things like upgrading the brakes on my older SUV watching a YT Video for instructions. Changing tires, etc. I would like to get deeper into cheap older cars that I can repair with my son as he gets older. I think the automobile is an engineering marvel that is so ubiquitous that we ignore how amazing it is that it can work so predictably in any difficult environment (like Alberta winters!!).

I feel the same way about dentistry, the mouth is a very challenging environment: moist, heavy loads, chewing, grinding. Something that can last years or decades and keep fulfilling its purpose seems like an amazing feat of engineering. 


4. What genre or series of books, music, or tv shows/movies are you addicted to and why?

TED LASSO. Positivity has been misunderstood in this world. Ted Lasso explores the nature of inspiration and positivity beyond the cliches. The idea that a great attitude and outlook can transcend all the cynicism and uncover a world full of love and beauty under a harsh exterior. Be Curious, Not Judgemental. It’s life changing to think that way.